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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Travel Massive Chicago May Meetup Video

Travel Massive Chicago Group
Travel Massive Chicago Group 

Five Year Old Travel Blogger Lucia  of Bonjour Amigo
Five Year Old Travel Blogger Lucia  of Bonjour Amigo

Travel Massive Chicago Co-Founders +Janice Temple and +Olga Ivanidi

+Arnold Duijzer enjoying +Bongiorno's Pizzeria
+Arnold Duijzer enjoying +Bongiorno's Pizzeria 

+Chicago Detours Tour Company +Amanda Scotese 
+Donna Beasley +Romance Travel Magazine

+Kathryn Pisco +Unearth the World +Pendar Khosravi +Sana Mahmood
+Kathryn Pisco +Unearth the World +Pendar Khosravi +Sana Mahmood 

Be part of something Massive. Travel Massive connects thousands of people around the world to meet, learn, and collaborate in the online travel industry. We are a world-wide community of locally organized meet ups for travel & tourism companies, travel bloggers, startups, and travel media to connect and share globally. We're growing! Travel Massive connects the online travel industry in 45 cities all over the world. We are seeking sponsorships.

 Travel Massive Chicago The Biggest Travel Industry Meetup Around The World

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Introducing our +Travel Massive Chicago Bloggers,  Travel Media & Members

+Kathryn Pisco  +Unearth the World

+Amanda Scotese +Chicago Detours Tour Company

+Francesca Mazurkiewicz The Working Mom Travels

Lucia Mazurkiewicz +BonJour Amigo

Chelle Roberts +BrownGirls Fly

+Patricia King +Savvy Traveling

+Aditi Giasotta The Yatra Project

+Donna Beasley  +Romance Travel Magazine

+Ben W HugeParty Travel

+Val Bromann Choosing Figs

+Kim Do Go Kim Do

Scott Shelter Quirky Travel Guy

+Sandra Hansen Art Nomad

+Pendar Khosravi Meal Sharing

+Arnold Duijzer +French Touch Travel

+Mera Johnson +Travel By Mera

+Michael Hines Writer +Mona Hines

Michelle Gavin Photographer

Thank you everyone from +Olga Ivanidi and +Janice Temple 

Thank you to +Tom Bongiorno of +Bongiorno's Pizzeria for hosting our event.