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Friday, December 10, 2010

Pax shares Poopie Baby Story

Airplane Window View of Clouds
Airplane Window View of Clouds

In ATL waiting to board a flight back to ORD. A passenger waiting for the same flight tells me this a story about one of our new young flight attendants.

There was a baby on one of our new CRJ jets from ORD to ATL that pooped in its diaper. Well, the new flight attendant donned a mask. She then offered all the passengers masks. She took out the hazmat bag to collect the stinky diaper. She then left the hazmat bag sealed with the diaper in the setback pocket of this poor embarrassed mother who did not speak much english.

Can you imagine?

What would a mask do to stop a poopie diaper smell?

Why leave the stinky diaper with the Mom in a hazmat bag?

The funny thing is the flight attendant did the right thing. She followed the procedures in the manual. These are guidelines.

Commonsense ? No!

Definitely hilarious!

Usually parents are trying to hid the diaper in toilet wastebin. Then we flight attendants are trying to find the source of the smell that is floating through the cabin.

Parents if you are flying and have to change your baby. Please wrap and tie the diaper up in plastic bag then put it in the wastebin.