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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chicago Southside Renaissance thru Gallery Guichard Bronzeville Artists Lofts

Andre and Frances Guichard owners of Gallery Guichard
Andre and Frances Guichard owners of Gallery Guichard

Andre and Frances Guichard have generated a Renaissance on the Southside of Chicago in the Bronzeville area. I have heard about the moving of the Gallery Guichard from its former location
at 35th & King Drive to 47th & Vincennes Avenue for several months now. However, I did not realize that this innovative couple has created an inspirational art incubator for the community. This concept already exists downtown and the northside, but this is a first the southside of Chicago.

Bronzeville Artists Lofts Residents
Bronzeville Artists Lofts Residents

Gallery Guichard offers art workshops for the south side community plus artists lofts which house dancers, musicians, actresses, fashion designers, sculptors, painters, and other creative artistic people.

Alan Emerson
Alan Emerson

Alan Emerson has lived in the artist loft since May 2014. He showcases the works his Phantom Gallery in the main room of his loft where plastic sculptures are displayed to visitors.

Roger Carter
Roger Carter

Roger Carter was the first resident to the Bronzeville Lofts which opened in March. Roger displays his paintings in his studio. He has also creatively recycled iconic luggage into electronics.

Watch the video for  a sneak peek at the new Gallery Guichard and the Bronzeville Artists Lofts.

Visit Gallery Guichard
436 East 47th Street
Chicago, IL 60653

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Invite Social Media Week Chicago How To Travel

You are invited to join us for Social Media Week Chicago How To Travel!

Do you have questions about ways to engage with travelers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus?

If you wish to participate in the conversation, you can comment here on youtube during the live broadcast. Follow on Twitter #SMWchitravel!

Social Media Week Chicago Panel How To Travel
Social Media Week Chicago Panel How To Travel


+Ana Serafin - Traveling Latina  

+Francesca Mazurkiewicz - The Working Mom Travels

+Ted Nelson - Traveling Ted

You have the option of meeting us at Goose Island Brew Pub Clybourn for a beer. You must be 21

and older to enter Goose Island 1800 N. Clybourn Ave. (at Willow Street) Chicago, IL.

Goose Island Brew Pub
Goose Island Brew Pub

Social Media Week Chicago

You can also view on Youtube On Demand. We will broadcast live at 1 pm CST, but if that time

does not work for your schedule you have the ability to watch it  at your convenience.

Register here.