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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Abroad For A Cause Fundraiser

Please Help!

I learned about Atlantic Impact at the Women In Travel Summit held in Chicago during St. Patrick's Day Weekend.  I was impressed about the mission of taking students from Detroit out of the violence an poverty to experience international travel.

View of airplane window and wing
View of airplane window and wing

Atlantic Impact's Mission Statement:

"Atlantic Impact increases opportunity in persistently low-achieving schools by using history, community engagement, and global exchange. Through experiential learning and student-led opportunities, youth develop college-ready skills that empower them to become the next generation of urban innovators."

Atlantic Impact is a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Atlantic Impact has been featured on Broadcast coverage (FOX, NBC, CBS, myTV affiliate stations), Print coverage (Detroit News, BLAC Magazine), Online coverage (State of Michigan, Detroit Public Schools, Black Celebrity Giving), National advertisement campaign (Jeep, USA Basketball).
The City Detroit has recently been in the news for filing bankruptcy. The financial crisis has greatly impacted the educational opportunities for Detroit's students. I applaud Atlantic for partnering with Detroit students over a three year initiative beginning in 10th grade.

View of wing and earth
View of wing and earth

1) Our historically based experiential learning program for youth is aimed at increasing opportunities in their lives on several levels.

2) When youth become more invested in the places where they live, their lives and communities are transformed. This is at the heart of our work.

3) The combination of local and global engagement helps youth spark innovation in our nation's most struggling communities.

Islands in the Caribbean
Islands in the Caribbean

As a Chicago Southside resident, I experience the crisis of urban youth through the gang violence and deaths. I  hear the gunshots and watch the funeral processions. I view Atlantic Impact as a vehicle of change. The educational opportunities are critical to changing all of our futures. Atlantic Impact's mission benefits society as a whole.

Cockpit View
Cockpit View

My personal travel experiences as expat abroad with my family included birthing, raising, living and travel to France, Belgium, Venezuela, Argentina and Turkey. We were blessed to raise our children with a global viewpoint. I am advocate for global education. At one time I created a French and Spanish language camp for children which developed a global mindset for youth. I also taught an after school language program in private and public schools. I know firsthand the opportunities that are open to youth when they receive a cultural global education.

Please join this fundraiser as a team member or a make a donation of minimum $10 to $20. As a contributing member of this blogger challenge, you will give a Detroit student the opportunity to experience a life beyond violence and come back to change their community. You will also help me to connect and guide a group of Detroit students through their first international trip to Barbados in 2014.

Warmest Regards,
Janice Temple

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