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The Skychi Travel Guide Live


SkychiTravels host of The Skychi Travel Guide Live
SkychiTravels host of The Skychi Travel Guide Live 

The Skychi Travel Guide Live

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SkyChiTravels is my alter ego when I fly.

SkyChiTravels is an international traveler who is a linguist. 

SkyChiTravels has lived in France, Belgium, Venezuela, Argentina, and Turkey

SkyChiTravels speaks French, Spanish and some Turkish

SkyChiTravels has the unique ability to communicate and understand people of other cultures.

My name is SkychiTravels because I love to fly in the sky and I am from Chi-town, Chicago!

SkychiTravels has worked in the travel industry for over twenty years as a baggage handler, 

passenger service agent, ticket agent, gate agent, customer service representative, airline account 

executive, travel agent and a flight attendant.

SkychiTravels latest career has been as a professional flight attendant for the past seven years for 

regional carrier in North America.