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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Abroad For A Cause With Atlantic Impact

The Skychi Travel Guide Live


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This is a recording of an interview with Detroit Denby High School Teacher +Jonathan Hui
and his 10th grade students:

Lerrell - artistic
Kenneth - leader
Desmond - smart
Kayla - outgoing
Jayvon- unique

+Samantha Kelley  +atlantic impact shared the focus of the organization with their in school three year program to teach the students their history, explore local cultural, and an international trip to create students to become innovators in their community.

+Rhoda Green Barbados Carolinas will be accompanying the students to Barbados to show them the history of the country.

The audio below has some technical issues, parts may be difficult to hear.

This is a Google Hangout On Air which is a live broadcast over the internet. The video plays on Google Plus and on Youtube. The Youtube video recording is saved

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+Janice Temple +The Skychi Travel Guide Live

 +Adedana Ashebir Freelance Travel Writer Huffington Post

 +Desiree Lowe of Barbados Food Travel Diva

+Rosalind Cummings-Yeates  Farsighted Fly Girl Author Exploring Chicago Blues

We chatted with students about the National Dish of Barbados which is Flying Fish and Coucou.

'Coucou and flying is a recipe made with corn meal, okra, flying fish and topped with an aromatic sauce of tomato, onion, chives, thyme, fresh pepper, garlic and other herbs.  The fish can be steamed, battered & fried or grilled.  Coucou is also known as Fungi in other Caribbean islands such as Dominica, Antigua and the Virgin Islands.  The Italians prepare a similar version of coucou called pollenate.  The recipe for coucou was passed down from African slaves who came to the island in 1644.  The recipe requires consistent stirring of the coucou until it reaches a smooth, even distribution of ingredients and a firmness to be eaten with a fork.  Bajans have invented a tool just for this purpose called a “coucou stick.”

+Rhoda Green  of  Barbados Carolinas gave a history of the connection between Barbados and Carolinas. The British families who settled in Barbados during  slavery times and built plantations to produce sugar. The first born of the second generation stayed in Barbados to run the plantations. The second and third born moved to the Carolinas and settled there.

+Rhoda Green  also cautioned the students not to wear camouflage clothes to Barbados. The military soldiers wear camouflage as their uniform, to prevent confusion she warned the students about wearing those fashions.

+Desiree Lowe  lives in Georgetown, Barbados shared with the students that the island is a small tropical paradise that  is very laid back.

+Rosalind Cummings-Yeates mentioned that Rihanna, a famous singer is from Barbados which would of great interest to the students. She also told the students that Barbados has a British influence and the people are reserved there.

+Adedana Ashebir  stated the students are going to a whole new world, the air will smell different, the food will taste different and the music will be different.

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