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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Skychi Travel Guide Live Radio Show: Atlantic Impact Youth Travel

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The topic of today's show is about +atlantic impact  international trip to Barbados;
Rhoda Green- Barbados; 
Travel Blogger +Adedana Ashebir  and a special message from +Globe Trotter  Nicole Brewer.

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About Atlantic Impact International Youth Trip to +Barbados 


Rhoda Green will be traveling with youth to Barbados in August The Founder and Chair of Development for The Barbados and Carolina Legacy Foundation.http://www.barbadoscarolinas.org

Travel Bloggers
+Adedana Ashebir 
Addy is a freelance travel writer for the Huffington Post.
Adedana Ashebir - Huffington Post

+Globe Trotter Nicole Brewer special message to +atlantic impact youth
Nicole Brewer is a Detroit Native who is currently studying in Germany.

Interview for Detroit Atlantic Impact Students

Last week we talked to +atlantic impact students:
Jayvon, Kayla, Lerrell, Kenneth and Desmond
plus their teacher Mr. +Jonathan Hui .
+Samantha Kelley of +atlantic impact joined us in the conversation.