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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tips for Visiting Xcaret Park in Mexico

Dani and Janice entering Xcaret Park Playa del Carmen Mexico
Xcaret Park is a seaside paradise. It is considered one of the most important ceremonial centers and ports of the ancient Mayan world. It will dazzle your senses with spectacular landscapes, archaeological areas, water activities and an awe inspiring day spent in nature and culture. Immerse yourself in underground rivers, discover a Coral Reef Aquarium, explore the mysticism of a Mayan Village, and admire beautiful wildlife. Experience the joy of a Mexican Celebration with a spectacular night performance with a cast of over two hundred performers.

Dani & Janice give you a view of a Cancun Beach from the Cancun Hotel Zone while waiting for the bus to Xcaret Park.

Miguel shares info about Xcaret Park tickets, combo packages, bus transportation, and park  hours.

Roger shares Tips on lockers, towels, getting around, pools, swimming, restaurants, sightseeing, shows, animals, panoramic tower, theater, pok ta pok, buying cd or dvd at Xcaret Park .

Dani & Janice playing at an inlet pool at Xcaret Park.

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