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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Little Spanglish Goes A Long Way - 10 Spanish Words You Must Know

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Basic Spanish Words You Should Know Before Your Trip to Mexico.

1) Hola - Hello

2) Buenos Dias - Good Morning

3) Senor - Mr.

4) Senorita - Miss (It is a compliment to address older women as Senorita, it makes them feel younger.)

5) Por Favor - Please

6) Gracias - Thank you

7) Buenos Tardes - Good Afternoon

8) Buenos Noches - Good Night

9) de nada - your are welcome or it is nothing

10) Adios - Goodbye

Spangish is a combination of Spanish and English. It is a mixture of the two languages to describe someone's attempt at learning to speak Spanish. Do not fear your lack of ability to be able to carry on a full conversation in Spanish, locals will appreciate your attempt to say anything in Spanish. Basic common words of greetings or common courtesy words go a long way in making a pleasant memorable vacation. Even you learn and use only the word Hola or Hello, you will be received much better than if you just speak English.

One reader Ian, Baja By Bus made this comment on a previous post. ..."Secondly, please learn and be prepared to use at least a few words in Spanish. People will respond to you much better if you can at least say “hola”, “adios”, “por favor” and “gracias” when you need to. Imagine if a lost tourist came up to you in your home town and didn’t even say hello in English before asking for help. A little effort goes a long way…"

Ian, Baja By Bus

The Mexicans are very warm and friendly people. You should try saying "Hola" or Hello to everyone. It will make your vacation in Mexico more enjoyable, who knows maybe you will make a few new friends too?

Do you have any experiences to share about using "Spanglish"?

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