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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Secret Money Saving Tip for Eating Cheap in Cancun

Here's the secret and it starts with the letter W!


Yes, Walmart. There are four or five Walmarts in Cancun. Tourists can ride bus R27 to Walmart. It is clearly marked on the front of the bus that it goes to Walmart. You can't get lost. When you get on the bus ask they driver, if he goes to Walmart. He will verify if you are on the correct bus. He will take you to the true downtown Cancun area. This Walmart is located in a quiet, safe residential area. You will many locals and tourists shopping at Walmart. English is spoken at the store and by many locals, so not to worry about the language barrier.

Taco Sandwiches
Taco Sandwiches

Walmart is a great place to shop for bottled water, snacks, fruit, breakfast items, sandwiches, beer, wine and souvenirs. All the prices in the photos are listed in pesos. We made several visits to Walmart to save on our dining out budget. You can dine out once a day at nice restaurants and purchase groceries to cover breakfast and lunch. This is a perfect place to stock up  if you are staying in a condo or timeshare with a fridge. Walmart is a great place to shop if you are accustomed to certain American foods or having a difficult time adjusting to authentic Mexican Cuisine. It is a great alternative to fast food restaurants. You can load up on groceries, then catch a taxi which is waiting outside the front door to take you back to the Cancun Hotel Zone. Tazis costs about 125 pesos from Walmart to the Hotel Zone. You should discuss the price of the taxi beforehand to prevent surprises. There is a  Sam's Club next door to Walmart so take your Sam's Club card with you to Cancun, you can probably save more money with a family or large group.

Beach in Cancun
Beach in Cancun

One day we went to Walmart to shop for fruit, bottled water, limes, sandwiches and salad to prepare our picnic for the beach. It was perfect to play in the ocean, relax on the beach, warm our bodies in the sun and graze on our lunch at our leisure.

What money savings tips do you use to save on dining out during vacation?

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