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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Travel Advice and Tips for Flight Delays & Cancellations

Cancelled Flights on Flight Departure Board
Cancelled Flights on Flight Departure Board

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Janice Temple "SkyChiTravels" is my alter ego when I fly. I am an international traveler who is a linguist. I have lived in France, Belgium, Venezuela, Argentina, and Turkey. I speak French, Spanish, and some Turkish and have the unique ability to communicate and understand people of other cultures.
My name is "SkyChiTravels" because I love to fly in the sky and I am from Chi-town, Chicago! I have worked in the travel industry for over twenty years as a baggage handler, passenger service agent, ticket agent, gate agent, customer service representative, airline account executive, travel agent and a flight attendant. My latest career has been as a professional flight attendant for the past 7 years for a regional carrier in North America. Currently Janice is a Travel Agent who can be contacted at (904) 515-2995.

The Skychi Travel Guide Live Radio Show Topics:

Atlantic Impact - International Travel Trip to Barbados for At- Risk Students from Detroit
Interview with Anise Hayes Co-Founder of Atlantic Impact. Watch the interview on youtube here.
The concept for www.AtlanitcImpact.org came from Birthright Armenia which gives those people from the Armenia diaspora the opportunity to connect to their history.
The United Nations and State Department helped to develop the after-school and Saturday curriculum which connects high risk high school students to their local history, global travel which creates ambassadors of change in their local community.

One of my daughter's is Cendrine Robinson who was interviewed for an article in
June 23, 2014 by Jessica Dickerson
"Cendrine Robinson, a clinical psychology student at Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, recently published an article, "Dream & nightmares: What hip-hop can teach us about Black youth," in American Psychological Association's newsletter, In the Public Interest. In her article, Robinson discusses her experience using hip hop to counsel at-risk youth.
Robinson writes, "Hip hop therapy has elements of expressive therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Hip hop music is utilized to engage clients in treatment by helping establish rapport with the therapist. Music can also help clients identify emotions and reframe cognition."
Artists like Chief Keef, Meek Mill and Rick Ross now populate Robinson's Pandora stations, because they are the artists the majority of her clients are listening to. She has found Meek Mill particularly helpful in this respect, especially his song "Traumatized."
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When the Airport Falls Apart & Chasing The Plane: Travel Advice and Tips for Flight Delays & Cancellations
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