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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Rolling Stones Muddy Waters at Chess Records 2120 S Michigan Avenue

The Rolling Stones recorded the blues instrumental  "2120 S. Michigan Avenue" in the 1960's at Chess Records. The Rolling Stones made the Chess Records address 2120 S. Michigan Avenue famous. Due to this song hundreds from around the world come to visit the Blues Heaven Foundation which is now housed in this iconic landmark.

During the 1960's The Rolling Stones recorded Blues Artist Muddy Waters songs which were produced by Willie Dixon; such songs as "Mannish Boy", "Please Don't Go", "Champagne & Reefer",
and "Got My Mojo Working".

The Rolling Stones Muddy Waters Poster
The Rolling Stones Muddy Waters Poster

The Rolling Stones came to Chicago in 1960's to meet their idol Muddy Waters at Chess Records. Present at the recording session were Willie Dixon, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry.
Chuck Berry was homeless at the time. He slept in the basement of Chess Records while writing three hit songs and playing gigs in Chicago.

The Rolling Stones made Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf famous in the United Kingdom and the United States. During the 1960's radio stations refused to songs by Black Artists. The movie Cadillac Records details the history of the music industry at the time.

 Wille Dixon produced and wrote 800 songs at Chess Records for which he was never paid one dime. It was standard industry practice at the time for the record owners to label themselves as the producer to collect the royalty checks from the hit songs. Willie Dixon had an agreement with the Chess Brothers to receive one record with Willie Dixon's name on the label as producer.

Willie Dixon went to court to sue the Chess Brothers as the producer. Chess Brothers denied in court that Willie Dixon was the producer or writer of any music at Chess Records. Willie Dixon brought to court 800 records with his name labeled as producer. The Chess Brothers said we can't pay you for the songs but we will give you the rights to royalties. Willie Dixon and his wife Marie Dixon received 50/50 royalty rights to the music that Willie Dixon produced at Chess Records for decades.

The City of Chicago had intended to tear down the 2120 S. Michigan Avenue Building but Willie's widow Marie bought the former Chess Records Recording Studio in 1993. Today it houses the Willie Dixon Blues Heaven Foundation. Willie Dixon started the foundation in the 1960's to teach the music business to artists.

Blues Heaven Foundation Programs

American Blues Children Program

The Muddy Waters Scholarship

Emergency Assistance

Portraits From Blues Heaven

Royalty Recovery & Legal Assistance Workshop

STEPS - "Supplies, Techniques & Effective Plans for Success Workshops"

Tours of Blues Heaven Foundation

Memorabilia of The Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy and more

2120 S. Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60616



Cost $10

Tip: Ring the doorbell for entry

July 1st Willie Dixon's Annual Birthday Celebration includes Celebrity Guests

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