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Monday, May 14, 2012

TBEX "12 Keystone Colorado - Learn To Become A Travel Blogger

My first trip to Denver, Colorado was as a child with my two sisters and our great-grandmother. We flew from Chicago to Denver on United Airlines in the 1970's. We were city kids whose family went to Covert, Michigan for weekends and holidays. My frame of reference for country living was a small country house with forest behind it.

Our trip to Denver was the first sight of mountains, I was in total awe of their beauty. My great-grandmother  friends has a ranch in mountains of Denver. They meet us at the airport in a pickup truck. We rode through the dusty roads up the mountains to their home. All I can remember is coughing at the dust and staring by the magnificent mountains.

While staying at the ranch we learned to take of horses and to go horseback riding. I fell in love with horses during that summer vacation as a child.

Flying to Denver was the second time I flew on a plane, so Denver has a special place in my heart because it is a milestone in my travel experiences.

This year the Travel Blog Exchange TBEX '12 will be held in Keystone, Colorado from June 15 to 17, 2012, so that means flying into Denver to experience a "Rocky Mountain High" as John Denver coined it. By the way, as a  city child growing up in Chicago, I had no idea of the meaning of the lyrics to John Denver's song "Rocky Mountain High" until that trip to the Denver mountains. I fell in love with John Denver's song, the mountains, Red Rock, horses, horseback riding, and ranches because of that travel gift courtesy of my great-grandmother. I am so looking forward to reminiscing and creating new travel experiences while exploring Colorado's Denver, Keystone, Vail, Beaver, Winter Park, and Fraser Valley.

Why should you join me in attending the TBEX "12 in Keystone, Colorado?

If you love to travel, then travel blogging is a new age career path that open doors to opportunities to create an income stream for your travels. Travel Blog Exchange or TBEX is a networking event for new and experienced travel bloggers.