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Former Flight Attendant Janice Thank You For Shopping At Our Store
Former Flight Attendant Janice Thank You For Shopping At Our Store

Hi Fellow Airline Travelers,

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You may or may not know that flight attendants and other airline employees have experienced salary and benefit cuts due to airline mergers. The average starting pay for a flight attendant is about $18,000 per year and regional carriers typically have a lower pay-scale. I recently retired from  my seven flying career  for a regional carrier in March of 2014 because it was not a healthy environment for me. If you don't have good health you will not have a good quality of life.  The forces of gravity,   the pushing of the beverage cart and pulling my carryon luggage caused injuries to my back, knees, ankles and feet. My stomach had also swollen to the size of a seven month pregnant lady's belly from a diseased colon. Since I have stopped traveling as a flight attendant my body has begun to heal and my health is rebounding. Anyway, I enjoy sharing with you my fellow airline travelers ways to navigate the in's and out's of flying for vacations or business. Please feel free to comment or ask questions on my youtube How To Travel The Skychi Travel Guide Live.  Please share my store with your friends and family.

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